September Message

Dear people of God:

We’re listening; I hope you’re speaking. First, the Financial Planning Team and the Session are listening to what you say about readiness to give major gifts again to support the work we’ve done on the building. New Commons, new kitchen, renewed Sunday School rooms, new heating and air conditioning, new rest rooms… well, you know. It all needs to be paid for. Although some may call it “debt reduction,” I’ve been calling it the Fund for the Future. This will make it possible to focus energy and resources on our Church’s mission in the world. If you haven’t completed the survey, please do so.

The other thing we’re listening for is what God is saying to you about the future mission of our Church. What shall we do with the resources God has provided for us? We have a versatile facility, talented leadership, an amazing array of gifts among our members… how does God want them used in the future? Don’t wait for a minister or elder to come up with the ideas and tell everyone what to do; what is God saying to you? Whether you’re certain about it or not, talk to someone; I’ll always listen, and other leaders will too.

As I get closer to that movable line between “middle aged” and “old fart,” I resist the temptation to live in the past and yearn for a time that never really was (at least, not as we tend to remember it), and instead continue to devote my attention and labor to the future. That’s why I care so much, for example, about combatting climate change. I won’t live to see any improvements, and I don’t have descendants of my own to see it. I care about other people’s grandchildren; maybe even yours.

And so we’re listening to you and, through you, to God to call us into the future.

Pastor Bob



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