Important Information for the Church and Associated Groups

Important Information for the Church and Associated Groups
Please read all the way through; these are things you will want to know.


  • Virtual worship will continue at least through the end of April. We expect to add elements that were not present in the first one (March 15). Also, we plan to have them ready and posted by Sunday morning, and will have a downloadable bulletin to go with the video.
  • A great way to use the video is to watch together. Get your family together in one room and watch together; say the responses together; if you feel daring, sing along on the chant and hymn.
  • We are planning on providing a format for communion-at-home for Maundy Thursday (April 9).
  • Likewise, we are working on a means for you to take communion (safely) at the Church on Easter (April 12).
  • Reminder: if you have a prayer request or a thanksgiving you want included in the Sunday prayers, email it to me (email address below) by Friday at 4:00 pm. Be sure to note if you want it included in the weekly prayer line; if you do not say so, I will assume you do not want it to be.


  • Beginning Wednesday, March 25, I will offer “Word and Prayer” gatherings for small groups in the Chapel. These will continue as long as we are unable to meet together for worship. There will be three every week: Wednesday at 4:00 pm; Thursday at 7:00 pm; Friday at noon.
  • These will be limited to EIGHT persons. To attend, you must sign up and wait for word that you have been enrolled. We are going to control enrollment to ensure that everyone who wants to participate is able to do so.
  • To enroll, email Dee Moriarty at and tell her when you want to attend.
  • Child Care can be provided if you tell Dee that you need it.
  • Also, a gathering can be oriented to children and/or families if that is requested.
  • Contact Dee Moriarty or me for more information.


  • The office remains open; I of course remain available for talk or prayer as you request. Call the office or my cell phone (both numbers are in your church directory) or email me for an appointment.
  • I continue to make hospital visits whenever permitted.
  • In addition, I will have “drop-in” hours on Sunday mornings from 8:00 to 11:30. Of course, we cannot have more than ten persons in the Commons at a time, but I will be available if anyone should wish to drop in.


  • Anne Weatherwax, our Director of Christian Education, is working on “Sunday School @Home” resources. Watch for information about accessing them.
  • The Common Ground series “The Welcoming Congregation” will be offered this Fall.


  • All groups that are part of the Church’s ministry and all groups that meet on our Church property will meet subject to the Governor’s guidelines. That is, they may continue to meet if there are no more than ten persons in attendance and they are meeting in a room where appropriate social distancing can be observed. If the meeting involves more than ten (such as AA) they may meet if they separate into multiple rooms.
  • Committees of more than ten persons and that are unable to practice social distancing will meet electronically. Note: the Session’s Response Team is working on providing helps with an appropriate platform.

As always, contact me with questions about policy and our response to the guidelines offered by Douglas County Health Department. Also, contact me if you want to talk! Pray for yourselves, your loved ones, your Church, for those most vulnerable to this disease, and for health care providers who are being called upon to give so much of themselves.

Pastor Bob



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