The Year of the Bible

Can you believe that 2021 is already half way through and believe it or not, those of you that are still with us are half way through reading the entire Bible?  Did you ever think that you would get this far in your commitment?  Or maybe, you have you let yourself down and given up on your commitment.  Did life just come along and get in the way of your best intentions?  For those of you who are still reading each day, keep up the amazing work; you can finish the second half strong!  For those of us who are behind because life is, well…hard; you too have got this!  No matter where you are, you can pick up right on July 1 and read on!  There is no harm in catching up on what you have missed a little at a time as you read from here forward.  Feel encouraged, beloved, you are learning more than you ever thought you would or could when you started this journey – don’t give up now!     Anne