A Short Message from Pastor Bob

Friends in Christ:

When you look at the agenda for the congregational meeting, you will see that one issue to vote on is my request for the dissolution of our relationship so that I may retire at the end of next May. I have been conferring with some of your leaders as to what timing is best for the Church, and the Session has agreed to this date, so I am asking you to approve my request. The timing is also right for Kathleen and me, and we are looking forward to it. Indeed, some time ago I had planned to retire sooner than that, but because of the pandemic I believed it important to stay with you longer.

I decided to give you lots of notice so the Session can begin to search for a good interim pastor. Two representatives from the Presbytery’s Commission on Ministry are assisting the Session in that process and are confident you will find someone who will help you ask the hard questions you must consider as you consider your calling as a people of God.

In the meantime, I will do what I can to help our Church keep looking outward in an attitude of hospitality and inward to the prodding of the Holy Spirit toward the future.

Pastor Bob