Color Me Happy!

You’re never to old to find the joy in coloring; and we want you to enjoy some great company and a little peace in your week. Come join us every Tuesday morning from 10-noon in the Fish Bowl for “Color Me Happy”, an adult (ages 14+) coloring group. Bring your own supplies (or share ours) and maybe your favorite thing to drink. We would love to see you this week!

Vacation Bible School 2021

Join us August 2-6 for Vacation Bible School 2021!  This year will be a Multi-Generational adventure with all ages welcome to participate BUT you don’t have to have children with you to attend!  We encourage you to invite friends, family and neighbors of all ages to come along and join in the fun.  The last night, August 6th will be an Inside Out BBQ with burgers, hotdogs and all the fixin’s too.  Watch for more details to come.  Please register by July 20th in the PCM office so that materials can be prepared.

Upcoming Women’s Bible Study

I know I would love to discover what it means to become a woman after God’s own heart, wouldn’t you?  Join me in an upcoming women’s Bible study of Beth Moore’s book David: Seeking a Heart Like His! More details will be coming soon so let me know if you are interested and I will keep you updated as they come available. Facebook message me, call 402.498.0871 or email me at      Anne

The Year of the Bible

Can you believe that 2021 is already half way through and believe it or not, those of you that are still with us are half way through reading the entire Bible?  Did you ever think that you would get this far in your commitment?  Or maybe, you have you let yourself down and given up on your commitment.  Did life just come along and get in the way of your best intentions?  For those of you who are still reading each day, keep up the amazing work; you can finish the second half strong!  For those of us who are behind because life is, well…hard; you too have got this!  No matter where you are, you can pick up right on July 1 and read on!  There is no harm in catching up on what you have missed a little at a time as you read from here forward.  Feel encouraged, beloved, you are learning more than you ever thought you would or could when you started this journey – don’t give up now!     Anne

It’s Not Too Late!


Wish you had started? Start Now!
     It’s not too late to get into The Year of the Bible program.
     If you couldn’t start earlier in the year, if you have found that you have more time available than you expected, or if the project sounds more intriguing than it did then, join now!
     You can start in April and read until March of next year, using a full twelve months. Or (if you’re courageous!) you can try to catch up on the earlier readings and finish with the rest of us at the end of December.
     Either way, read the April through December materials along with the group. You will get more enjoyment by being in the same section of the Scriptures that the rest of us are reading.
     Request more information from Anne or Bob in the church office.


Virtual Youth Meet-Up

Join us the first and third Wednesday of each month online for a Virtual Youth Meet Up! There is a recurring Zoom meeting set up so all you need is the ID and passcode! Message me, email or call the church office to get the info you need to join in!   Anne
email:  phone: 402-498-0871

Camp Calvin Crest 2021

Summer is coming and time away at Calvin Crest is a great way to connect with others, God and nature.  With appropriate precautions in place, Calvin Crest has opened up registration for this summer programming.  Spend the week at camp, learning more about God, growing in your faith, making new friends, having new adventures and spending time in God’s glorious creation.  You can find out more information at including what the camp experience will look like this summer, what camps are available and how to register.

The Year of the Bible: Join Us Today!

You can still join in The Year of the Bible for 2021! If you had not heard or weren’t sure you wanted to make the commitment, but have since changed your mind it isn’t too late! Stop by or contact the church office for a copy of the participants guide for The Year of the Bible and join us in reading through the entire Bible in one year!

The Year of the Bible


All PCM Children are invited to join in The Year of the Bible readings for 2021! Please use the attached list for your readings for January or if you are up for the challenge you may read along with the adults using their readings list. Let Anne know if you need an adult book to follow or use one along with your parents.
1 Genesis 1:1-2:3
2 Genesis 2:4-25
3 Genesis 3
4 Genesis 4:1-16
5 Psalm 1
6 Romans 8:3-39
7 Matthew 3:13-17
8 Genesis 6:8-22
9 Genesis 7
10 Genesis 8
11 Genesis 9:1-17
12 Genesis 11:1-9
13 Psalm 46
14 Proverbs 2:1-15
15 Colossians 3:9-17
16 Genesis 12:1-9
17 Genesis 12:10-20
18 Genesis 13:1-13
19 Genesis 15:1-21
20 Psalm 49:1-9
21 Proverbs 3:1-26
22 Genesis 18:1-15
23 Genesis 18:16-33
24 Genesis 19:12-26
25 Genesis 22:1-19
26 Genesis 24
27 Psalm 14
28 Proverbs 10:1-10
29 Genesis 25:27-34
30 Genesis 26:1-6
31 Genesis 26:17-34


The Year of the Bible

The Bible is the theme for the whole of 2021 at PCM. We have adopted the program The Year of the Bible to help us in this endeavor and you will find the schedule of readings in the participant’s book that goes with the program. We are asking you to make a commitment to read the entire Bible during the year.

The readings will become the basis for many of the events in the life of the church this coming year. For instance, sermons will be based on the readings for Sunday; adult education classes will discuss the passages for the week; music will take the Bible in it’s themes and the children will also be reading through the Bible at home.

As the year progresses, we will offer a variety of suggestions and ideas to help you make your way through the readings so that by the end of the year you will have read the entire Bible!

From comments of people who have done this in the past, I am convinced that you will find The Year of the Bible to be a meaningful and rewarding program. Please stop by the church office to pick up your Participant’s Guide or call today to have yours sent if you are unable to stop in.

Blessings this coming year.

Yours in Christ,