2024 PCM Golf League Sign-Up

Sign-up for the PCM Summer Golf League. It’s fifteen weeks of fun and fellowship, plus a chance to get a little exercise. We start Wednesday, May 8, 2024, and will finish no later than August 28th. That schedule accommodates fifteen weeks of golf with two built-in weeks for potential rain/heat cancellations. We play at nearby Warren Swigart Golf Course which is a par-3 course.

As of this date, the City of Omaha has not announced any increase in greens fees for 2024. For golfers under 55, the season total is $220 ($14 green fee x 15 weeks + $10 league fee). For Seniors (55+) and Youth (17 & under), the season total is $190 ($12 x 15 weeks + $10 league fee). Cart rental is extra and is handled directly with the course.

If you have any questions regarding the golf league, please contact Bill Norton. Click here to email.

Are You Using One Church?

PCM has a great members software system for tracking all our member information. One of the major benefits is that it allows everyone access to church information. From providing an online church directory, to providing easy online giving options and volunteering opportunities, One Church is a great tool for enhancing your participation at PCM.

If you haven’t set-up your online account yet, watch the following video we produced. It gives you a great overview of One Church and login instructions. Below the Introduction are some other more detailed videos about One Church.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact Becky Widhalm, the PCM Office Administrator. She can assist you or arrange or additional assistance.


Time For PCM Golf League 2021

Welcome to the PCM Summer Golf League 2021. It’s sixteen weeks of fun and fellowship, plus a chance to get a little exercise. Beginning May 12, we play at nearby Warren Swigart Golf Course which is a par-3 course.

The league is comprised of two/three person teams (i.e. you and partners). Each week two members of your team will play against another team. Since we utilize a handicap system, everyone regardless of skill competes on an even level. While scores are kept and a league winner is determined, the league is not overly competitive and the focus is on fellowship.

New golfers are welcome to the league. If you have a partner(s), please indicate on the online sign-up sheet. If you’re signing up as an individual, we will attempt our best to pair you with someone, but cannot guarantee you a partner. FYI, if you are a newcomer to the league/PCM, your partner does not have to be a member of the church.

Depending upon the status of the current coronavirus pandemic, we may be reviving our tradition of stopping for dinner and fellowship after golf. As always, it is the decision of individual golfer whether to stop or not. We will predetermine the location(s) and rotate through area food establishments.

2020 league champions Jason Becher and Jehramie Dawson

The cost is weekly green fees, plus a one-time $10 league fee. For golfers under 55, the season total is $202 ($12 green fee x 16 weeks + $10 league fee). For Seniors (55+), the season total is $170 ($10 x 16 weeks + $10 league fee). Cart rental is extra and is handled directly with the course. Depending upon the number of teams that sign-up, we might reduce to 15 weeks which would reduce the price to $190 and $160 respectively. FYI, the City of Omaha did raise green fees for 2021.

To sign-up, complete the online form below. For more information or questions, contact Bill Norton  at (402) 658-1687  or click here to email.

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Christmas Eve Online Worship Services

Join us for one or our (or both) online Worship services on Christmas Eve.

Start the evening with our Jazz service beginning at 5:00 p.m. Click here for the bulletin.

Later you can join us live at 11:00 p.m. for our late evening streaming service. Click here for the bulletin

PCM Doors To Be “Re-Keyed” Beginning Tuesday, December 15th

One of the objectives of the Buildings & Grounds Committee is to maintain the church as a safe and secure place for members, staff, and visitors. This includes protecting the facility against unauthorized entry while unoccupied. To that end, this Tuesday (12/15/20) the locks on all doors at PCM are being “re-keyed.” This action was undertaken due to length of time since last completed and some unaccounted-for keys.
In accordance with Session Policy B-5.02, a “keying” plan was developed to support overall building security while maintaining member accessibility to the facility. To that end, the following strategies should be noted:
  1. The Office Administrator (Becky Widhalm) is responsible for distribution of all keys and access codes.
  2. Moving forward, the provision of the Session Key Policy (B-5.02.2) regarding member use of entrances with keypad access shall be strictly adhered to. To support this policy, an additional keypad is being added to the south Christian Education entrance.
  3. During non-business hours, access to the building by members shall be through either the south keypad entrance (CE Door) or the northwest entrance of the Commons. Both have keypad access.
  4. Non-member groups who use PCM’s building shall be issued a key that will only open the south Christian Education entrance or the northwest Commons entrance. The rationale is that a single key can be retrieved easier than changing the access code and impacting large numbers of members.
  5. Once an individual has accessed the facility, they may unsecure other exterior doors to support their activity/project. This includes unlocking doors for others to enter the building or for the purpose of moving items in or out of the building. Individuals are expected to re-secure any exterior doors following the conclusion of their activity.
  6. Keys will only be issued to individuals who have a demonstrated need to access internal areas of the facility that are secured. Once an individual no longer has a need to access secured areas, the key may be requested to be surrendered.
  7. Pursuant to the provision above, a keypad is located on the Office/Administrative area. As a result, general access to the area does not require a key being issued.
  8. The following are not considered reasons for a key being issued:
  • Convenience for entering the facility through doors other than the previously mentioned public entrances with keypads.
  • Longevity of church membership.
  • One-time or occasional access to a secured area of the building unless it is impractical for a staff member or key-holder to be available to open the area.
Please note that if you currently have a key it will become ineffective by the end of day on Tuesday. Please contact the Office Administrator or me if you have any questions.
Bill Norton, Chairperson, Buildings & Grounds Committee

All Saints Day Online Worship Service

Join us as we celebrate All Saints Day in Sunday worship service this week. Join us live at 10:30 a.m. or watch the replay.

Click here if you would like to print the Worship bulletin.