Worship Service Schedule Changing This Fall

PCM Congregation,
We would like to take this opportunity to share with you a change to our Sunday morning schedule. At the recommendation of the Worship Committee, the Session has approved eliminating the 8:00 a.m. service for the foreseeable future. In addition, the Sunday service start time will shift to 10:00 a.m. This change will begin on Sunday, September 10th when we shift away from our summer hours. The Sunday School start time will remain 9:00 a.m.

This change is being made for several reasons. First, the attendance at the 8:00 a.m. service has dwindled to an average of less than ten individuals, especially true since we resumed services after Covid. While we recognize that there are obviously a few individuals who enjoy this early time, the Session no longer believes the low attendance numbers justify the scheduling of staff, volunteers, and any other resources to support the service.

Second, as the congregation continues to move forward in the hiring process for a new permanent Pastor, we want to ensure that prospective candidates do not perceive a poorly attended and early service as some sort of burdensome obligation and thereby not consider our available position as a positive opportunity worth applying for. If a new Pastor feels there is sufficient need to restore the early service, the Session will act at that time.

We recognize that this decision will discourage a few individuals and we apologize for any disappointment it creates. The decision was not made lightly. We strongly hope the individuals impacted by the change will shift to worshipping with the congregation at 10:00 a.m. or take advantage of our Live Stream option.

Thank you for your understanding of this change and we look forward to your continued support. Please feel free to share your thoughts or concerns with PCM Leadership.

Yours in Christ,
The Session
Presbyterian Church of the Master

Text Message Opt-In

With the coming of winter, PCM will begin using text messages as an additional communication tool for important church-wide messages. As an example, messages about cancellations or closures due to weather conditions. The ability for mass text message distribution is one of the great features of our One Church membership software.
Since Federal law stipulates that an individual is required to opt-in to receive this type of communication, PCM cannot automatically add church members to a text distribution list without their permission. As a result, if you would like to begin receiving messages from PCM, you need to opt-in using one of the two following methods.
  1. Access your profile in One Church and select “text opt-in” when you edit your mobile phone contact information.
  2. Use the form below and confirm your intent. We will take care of the rest.
Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have questions. Thanks!

Meet Reverend Gary Eller

Beginning Monday, August 1, the Rev. Dr. Gary Eller joins Church of the Master as the new Interim Pastor and Head of Staff. He will serve PCM during the time the congregation searches for a new full-time permanent Pastor.

Dr. Gary S. Eller served as president of the Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation for fifteen years, 2007 – 2022. He teaches historical studies at
Creighton University, the University of Nebraska Omaha, and the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary.

He was ordained in 1978 and has pastored churches in Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, West Virginia, and Nebraska.

Dr. Eller is a graduate of the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, Princeton Theological Seminary, and Vanderbilt University. He is a member of
several Boards and civic organizations. Gary is married to Sharon. They enjoy their grandchildren, the arts, travel, reading, and various sports.

Welcome Gary!

“A Temporary Assignment”

A friend of mine has a T-shirt that reads: “Life Is a Temporary Assignment.” Most interim pastors know that
feeling. As you and I say “hello” to each other, I am keenly aware that “interim” means “for now, temporary.”
Or, as the interim mantra goes, we are the “faster pastors” who try to do a lot in a short time.

However true that statement may be, there are spiritual paths that characterize our common journey of faith.
Meister Eckhart, the twelfth-century mystic, identified four paths we travel.

1. The Positive Way: This is the path that leads us to the awe and wonder of creation and the Incarnation of
Jesus Christ.
2. The Negative Way: This journey teaches us how to let go of possessions, loved ones, health, and finally,
life itself. The Cross is the sign of this spiritual path.
3. The Creative Way: Here, we discover that God has given us gifts to discover, develop, and use. The
Resurrection marks this spiritual journey.
4. The Transforming Way: Being guided by the Holy Spirit to do the Will of God is the chief characteristic of
this path.

For most people, the Negative Way is the most demanding. And yet, it is also the key to entering fully into
the other three major spiritual paths.

Interim ministry means journeying with you through all four of these spiritual paths. That is both an exciting
and challenging opportunity for everyone. Together we will discover who and what God is calling us to
become as we serve our Lord Jesus Christ here and now.

I look forward to serving with you at Presbyterian Church of the Master. Know that I will pray for you and
value your prayers as well. May the One who calls us to life and life anew be at our side.

Grace and peace,

PCM Voice Is Available Electronically

This month is the first issue of the PCM Voice that is being rolled out electronically to all members via our One Church congregational software. Some members may still receive a paper copy in the mail as well. Next month’s issue will be completely digital for the majority of our members.

Please note: The deadline to have items to our administrator, Becky, for the March issue of The Voice has been moved to February 7th in preparation for her maternity leave.


Help Us Support The 2022 Per-Capita Fund

To support the work around the world of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., congregations all across the country are asked to make a financial contribution to this effort. Approximately $40 per member is paid by churches to the national church. To lessen this impact on PCM’s budget, members are asked to make a special contribution specifically to the per-capita fund. Please consider donating $40 per church member in your household. An online contribution form is provided below.

New Church Software Offers Exciting Features

With the start of the new year, PCM is implementing an exciting new initiative that we believe will help you build closer connections with the congregation, plus enhance church-wide communication.

PCM is updating the church’s current membership software system which has been used for more than twelve years. We are migrating to a system called OneChurch. Like our old software, it is used to keep all our member data and records including pledges and giving. However, OneChurch offers some exciting new features and benefits for both the church administration and individual members. Let us highlight some of the benefits to members.

• Individuals/families can access and edit their own online profiles so that they can ensure the church has the most up-to-date personal information (i.e. address, email, phone, etc.)
• Related to online profiles, OneChurch allows for an online membership directory.
• Individuals can access their pledge/giving information. You will be able to see the commitments you made, plus your giving progress throughout the year.
• OneChurch offers a giving option that will allow you to donate to the church using a credit/debit card or through a direct bank withdrawal (ACH). If you use this option, all of your giving will immediately be available in your online profile.
• OneChurch contains a church calendar so you will be able to see everything scheduled at the church.
• Volunteer opportunities can be posted on OneChurch which also allows online sign-up. As an example, if Communion Servers are needed for a certain date, you would be able to volunteer.
• OneChurch offers a “groups” feature for communication among the members of a group. As an example, the Deacons could have a group for all its members. They would be able to share information amongst themselves and keep their own calendar.
• If you have a smartphone (Android or iPhone), there is a mobile app available (Playstore or Apple App Store) that lets you access OneChurch using your mobile device.

We do want to mention that all this information is highly secured, and you have complete privacy control regarding your personal information on the online directory. Of course, no financial information is ever shared.

Finally, all the basic member data has been loaded into the new system and the church office is already in the process of implementing. We invite you to begin accessing your profile by visiting the following link: https://pcmomaha.onechurchsoftware.com. Click on the “register” button. If the email address you enter matches the address set-up with your profile, you will be prompted to create a password and will then be able to begin using the system. If you are unable to access your profile, contact Becky Widhalm, PCM Office Administrator.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Your Financial Gifts For 2022

Friends in Christ,

During September and October we will be asking for your continued financial support for 2022. We are still dealing with this pandemic, which has now lasted longer than a year and a half. Some things in our lives have changed and others have stayed the same. Changes have been social distancing, wearing masks, fist bumps, illness and sometimes death. However, we are still stewards before God, serving as best we can our church and community.

The Technology Committee considerably upgraded their video equipment to broadcast our worship service every week. So, whether we are together in the sanctuary or watching from home live or later in the week, you won’t miss a single episode.We continue to serve through our Mission Committee with school supplies and other needs to Edison Elementary School, clothes and other goods to Siena Francis House and dinners to Rainbow House.

The Red Cross Blood Drives hosted by PCM serve our community in a way that money can’t buy.

We have been able to serve God with your monetary gifts and time, and we thank you for your support. Whether you tithe or just give what you can, every penny is appreciated. This gift is to support the general operating fund of the church (i.e., staff salaries, building costs [utilities, maintenance, etc.], and mission activities). This is separate from the capital campaign that took place in 2019.

To complete your pledge for 2022, you can do any one of the following:

  • Submit your pledge electronically by using the form below.
  • Complete the pledge form that was mailed to you and return it to PCM via: 1) mail to PCM, 2)
    email to PCM Office Administrator, or 3) drop-off at PCM office,

“Fear the Lord your God, live in a way that pleases him, love him and serve him with all your heart and
soul.” Deuteronomy 10:12

Sincerely in Christ,
Your Stewardship and Finance Committee: Mark Frans – chairperson, Eric Bremers, Kevin Breyfogle,
John Burg, Barb Dasenbrock, Bill Joe, Rev. Bob Keefer, Guy Shelton, Sue Skeans, and Ashley Stevens

The online pledge form below is provided for your convenience.

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