Racism Study Continues – July 8

On July 8 we begin a four-week series “A History of Racism in the United States.” The handout for week 1 is attached.

We meet for an hour Wednesdays at 7:00 pm CDT via Google Meet. Here is the link: https://meet.google.com/ach-eefc-byg

Or you can phone in at 414-436-7533, PIN 498 705 924#.

It has been an interesting journey so far!

A History of Racism in the United States_Handout_Session 1

Webinar on Planned Giving

Thrivent Financial Professional Robert Bailey cordially invites all church leaders and congregation members of the Missouri River Valley Presbytery to attend:

Tuesday, July 14th | 12 – 1 P.M. CST

Webinar Via Zoom
We all give, yet how and why we each give is personal. Join us to learn how a giving partnership can maximize support to charities and causes that reflect your values. Our special guest speaker, Mr. Ben Boline from InFaith Community Foundation, will share stories about how we can use our blessings in personal and creative ways, and increase benefits as a donor to:

  • Give more than you thought possible.
  • Pass along your values and giving traditions with children and grandchildren.
  • Support yourfavorite charities now and upon death.
  • Give, and, in turn, receive paymentsfor life.
  • Give assets other than cash.
  • Be strategic in your giving and receive maximum tax benefits.



Call Rob Bailey at 402-905-4203 with questions.


Racism Study July 1

We had a good start to our racism study on June 24; we continue July 1 at 7:00 pm.

The link to join is the same as last week: https://meet.google.com/ach-eefc-byg

Please read the handout here.Racism 101_Handout

COVID-19 Update 31 May 2020

This information comes from your Session and supersedes what is in the June Voice, which is arriving in mailboxes this week.

The first service together at the church building will be no sooner than July 5.
As we acquire and install the equipment for live-streaming, we will gradually transition from our current practice of staging the service to one which will more closely resemble what will happen when the people gather. The Worship Committee will be responsible for recruiting people to operate the equipment and they will be invited to observe as we transition, in order to become familiar with the equipment.

There will be no group singing for the near future.
When the congregation does gather for worship, we will listen to a soloist who will be placed an appropriate distance from them. Worshipers, wearing masks, may quietly speak or hum hymns with the soloist.

Outdoor events are permitted under the following guidelines:
Only household groups may be together; at least six feet of separation must be maintained otherwise.
Attendees must all wear masks, bandannas, or other facial coverings.
There will be no shared food or beverage.
If the event is an hour or less, the building will remain locked and restrooms are off-limits.
If the event is longer, and restrooms are needed, then the organizers must have volunteers ready to thoroughly clean the restrooms every half hour.
Indoor events continue under the same restrictions as before.
That is, no more than ten persons, six feet of separation maintained, facial coverings required.

Although there has been a gradual downward trend in percentage of positive tests in Douglas County, it is slight and recent. Furthermore, the opening processes in other states (such as Arkansas) appear to have generated an upward trend. So we believe it wise to “wait and see” if the changes in Nebraska’s practices will likewise generate a spike in new cases.

Singing appears to be particularly problematic. It produces six times more droplets than talking, it sends droplets farther (although no one seems to be able to say how much farther; it is more than six feet but less than twenty feet), and singers breathe more deeply, thus increasing the risk of contracting a disease.

The best spaces for gathering are well-ventilated (to fresh air); one factor that greatly contributes to the spread of a virus is air conditioning. The fact that our Sanctuary has no windows and relies entirely on circulated air makes it one of the worst possible spaces.

I am continuing to have “drop-in hours” on Sunday mornings; I unlock the front doors of the Church about 8:30 and I watch the Sunday service about 9:00. A few of you have taken advantage of that opportunity to come by. Also, the Church office remains open its regular hours for any who want to drop by, talk, or just see friendly faces.

Continue to worship with us online and, above all, continue to seek Christ every day, everywhere, and in everyone.

Pastor Bob

Pentecost Worship Service

It’s Pentecost, the celebration of the birth of the church. Join us for a special service with inspirational music and a meaningful message from our Pastor Robert Keefer. Wear your red in celebration and tune-in,

Worship Service Bulletin for Penetecost

Tomorrow is Pentecost. Put on a red shirt and tune-in to our weekly Worship service on YouTube.

Click here the worship bulletin if you would like to print it in advance.

Volunteer To Help The Church With Building & Grounds

Are you getting a little stir crazy at home and looking for a way to serve the church? The Building and Grounds Committee wants your help. With the current health crisis, we were forced to cancel the annual Spring Work Day. However, we still have work that needs to be performed at the church.

If you haven’t been to PCM for the past few months, what better way to visit your church and help maintain the place then by volunteering to take on a task(s). Weekdays, weekends or evenings, we have a variety of things to be done that can be tackled on your time schedule and at your pace. Plus, you can maintain plenty of social distancing to avoid any health risks.

If you have any interest, please use the following form to express your willingness. A member of the committee will be in contact to provide you details and help you get started if needed.

On behalf of the Buildings & Grounds Committee, thank you for considering assisting the church.