Cancellations Week of March 15

Dear friends in Christ:

Out of an abundance of caution, I have decided to cancel worship and Sunday School for Sunday, March 15, as well as Common Ground on Wednesday, March 18. However, for those who need spiritual consolation, I will be on duty Sunday morning in the Church Commons.

Several members of the Session have voiced support for this action. The Session will meet this week to appoint a Response Team, which will consider further actions. For now, other groups that meet in our building are invited to make their own decisions about meeting.

You know my reluctance to cancel worship; an AA member voiced it well, describing why they continue to meet, even in the worst weather: “Someone may need it.” The worship of God is not an optional activity, such as sports or entertainment, but is core to our humanity. Also, I do not presume to be wiser than our public health officials, who have not called for the cancellation of worship. Personally, I think the Catholics have the right approach: worship will continue, but do not attend if you are in the vulnerable population.

Yet in the present moment of uncertainty, I believe this is the right course. The novel coronavirus does not yet appear to have spread within the community, only to have come from elsewhere. But we can take this step to help prevent its spread, and protect the well-being of the faithful.

I regret that we do not yet have the means to provide for live-streaming or other opportunity to gather virtually. I hope that by next Sunday we will be able to offer you something. In the meantime, I will post on our website the sermon I had intended to preach. And I invite you to phone, email, or stop by individually with your prayers and thanksgivings.

In sum: no worship March 15 (and probably not for a while thereafter, but watch for news), but I will be available for prayer and Scripture conversation with individuals. No Common Ground on March 18. May God bless you and guide you in wisdom and faith.

Pastor Bob


What about the coronavirus?

Since the question has been asked, let me share our current thinking on the question of public health. We will continue with our regular programming – including worship, study, fellowship, and mission – unless the Health Department instructs otherwise. Treat the current situation the way you do cold and flu season: wash your hands regularly, stay home if you are sick, and stay home if your weakened condition makes you especially vulnerable. As I said recently, if we need to cancel gatherings, we will use other means to minister the Word of God. Watch our website and Facebook page. – Pastor Bob

Throwback Thursday 3/12/2020

The latest in the Throwback Thursday series.

Last year St. Patrick’s Day was on a Sunday and the ACE Puppet Troupe members forgo the puppets and took to the stage themselves for a Worship service message.

Throwback Thursday 3/5/2020

Throwback Thursday #tbt

This week instead of photos from this same time last year, I’m showing some photos where I was attempting to take them from the perspective of sitting in back row. I tried to use the people in front of me to frame or add depth to the image. Okay, I was trying to get “artsy.”
You be the judge of whether it worked or not.

Throwback Thursday 2/27/2020

My original intention was to only post photos as Throwback Thursday as a preview to the display at church. However, now that the display is on the wall, a few people have encouraged me to keep posting on Thursdays and show some of the images that didn’t make the cut for display. So, for the time being I’ll keep going.

These three photos are from the first weekend of March last year when Pastor Dan Graham was leading services. I always thought the first two would be great for a caption contest. Something like, “look into my eyes you’re getting sleepier,” and “the yellow-breasted warbler sounds like this.”

Time For The Summer Golf League

Welcome to the PCM Summer Golf League. It’s fifteen weeks of fun and fellowship, plus a chance to get a little exercise. Beginning May 6, we play at nearby Warren Swigart Golf Course which is a par-3 course.

2019 League Champion Eric Bremers
2019 League Champion Janet Bremers

The league is comprised of two/three person teams (i.e. you and partners). Each week two members of your team will play against another team. Since we utilize a handicap system, everyone regardless of skill competes on an even level. While scores are kept and a league winner is determined, the league is not overly competitive and the focus is on fellowship.

After golf each week many members of the league keep the fellowship rolling by stopping for dinner. We predetermine the location(s) and rotate through area food establishments.

New golfers are welcome to the league. If you have a partner(s), please indicate on the online sign-up sheet. If you’re signing up as an individual, we will attempt our best to pair you with someone. FYI, if you are a newcomer to the league/PCM, your partner does not have to be a member of the church.

The cost is weekly green fees, plus a one-time $10 league fee. For golfers under 55, the season total is $182.50 ($11.50 green fee x 15 weeks + $10 league fee). For Seniors (55+), the season total is $152.50 ($9.50 x 15 weeks + $10 league fee). Cart rental is extra and is handled directly with the course.

To sign-up, complete the online form below. For more information or questions, contact Bill Norton  at (402) 658-1687  or click here to email.

Throwback Thursday 2/20/2020

The final week of our Throwback Thursday series.

Taken about a year ago, this image is one of my favorites that didn’t get included in the final photo display. I know she’s missed by all her knew her, but the choir holds a special place in their hearts for our dearly departed friend Nancy.

Throwback Thursday 2/13/2020

Here’s a few new pictures in the Throwback Thursday series.

Just because it’s so cold today, here’s a few pictures from the same week last year. Just as cold…more snow.

Throwback Thursday 2/6/2020

More pictures for the Throwback Thursday series.

Are you listening? You know, they’re not just talking to fill time in church!

This week’s throwback images are just a few of the many passionate individuals who spoke as a Mission Witness during the past year.

Throwback Thursday 1/30/2020

The latest in the Throwback Thursday series.

Similar to the fog this morning, last year on this weekend church-goers were greeted with foggy conditions as they headed to church. Visibility so low you could barely see the end of the parking lot.