Adult Education: April 7

Wednesday, April 7, 7:00 pm CDT join us for a free-flowing conversation about Joshua 1-19; Psalms 37 & 38; and Romans 10-14.

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Meeting ID: 951 7100 9442
Passcode: 215835

See you on Zoom then!

Adult Education: March 31

Wednesday at 7:00 pm CDT: another exciting discussion of this week’s readings of the Bible!

This week we’ll talk about Deuteronomy 21-34, Psalms 35 & 36, and Romans 5-9.

Open Zoom and enter Meeting ID: 951 7100 9442 Passcode: 215835

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It’s Not Too Late!


Wish you had started? Start Now!
     It’s not too late to get into The Year of the Bible program.
     If you couldn’t start earlier in the year, if you have found that you have more time available than you expected, or if the project sounds more intriguing than it did then, join now!
     You can start in April and read until March of next year, using a full twelve months. Or (if you’re courageous!) you can try to catch up on the earlier readings and finish with the rest of us at the end of December.
     Either way, read the April through December materials along with the group. You will get more enjoyment by being in the same section of the Scriptures that the rest of us are reading.
     Request more information from Anne or Bob in the church office.


Adult Education: March 24

March 24, 7:00 pm CDT we will talk about Deuteronomy 6-20, Psalms 33 & 34, Acts 28, and Romans 1-4.

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Meeting ID: 951 7100 9442
Passcode: 215835



Virtual Youth Meet-Up

Join us the first and third Wednesday of each month online for a Virtual Youth Meet Up! There is a recurring Zoom meeting set up so all you need is the ID and passcode! Message me, email or call the church office to get the info you need to join in!   Anne
email:  phone: 402-498-0871

Holy Week March 28 to April 4

Join us for Holy Week 2021!

Sunday, March 28: Palm Sunday.

  • Worship in the Sanctuary, 8:00
  • Worship in the Sanctuary and Webcast, 10:30

Monday, March 29: Morning Prayer in the Chapel, 8:30

Tuesday, March 30: Morning Prayer in the Chapel, 8:30

Wednesday, March 31: Morning Prayer in the Chapel, 8:30

Thursday, April 1: Maundy Thursday

  • Morning Prayer in the Chapel, 8:30
  • Worship in the Sanctuary & Webcast, 7:00 pm

Friday, April 2: Good Friday

  • Morning Prayer in the Chapel, 8:30
  • Service of Word and Prayer, Sanctuary, noon
  • Service of the Cross, Webcast only, available 7:00 pm

Sunday, April 4: Resurrection (Easter)

  • Sunrise Service, East lawn, 6:45 am
  • Worship in the Sanctuary, 8:00 am
  • Worship in the Sanctuary & Webcast, 10:30 am

Adult Education: March 17

Adult Education, Wednesday, March 17; 7:00 pm CDT.

Same joining information as before; see below.

Readings we’ll consider: Numbers 28-36; Deuteronomy 1-5; Psalms 31, 32, & 33; Acts 23-27

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Or open Zoom Meetings and enter this information: Meeting ID: 951 7100 9442; Passcode: 215835

Camp Calvin Crest 2021

Summer is coming and time away at Calvin Crest is a great way to connect with others, God and nature.  With appropriate precautions in place, Calvin Crest has opened up registration for this summer programming.  Spend the week at camp, learning more about God, growing in your faith, making new friends, having new adventures and spending time in God’s glorious creation.  You can find out more information at including what the camp experience will look like this summer, what camps are available and how to register.

Time For PCM Golf League 2021

Welcome to the PCM Summer Golf League 2021. It’s sixteen weeks of fun and fellowship, plus a chance to get a little exercise. Beginning May 12, we play at nearby Warren Swigart Golf Course which is a par-3 course.

The league is comprised of two/three person teams (i.e. you and partners). Each week two members of your team will play against another team. Since we utilize a handicap system, everyone regardless of skill competes on an even level. While scores are kept and a league winner is determined, the league is not overly competitive and the focus is on fellowship.

New golfers are welcome to the league. If you have a partner(s), please indicate on the online sign-up sheet. If you’re signing up as an individual, we will attempt our best to pair you with someone, but cannot guarantee you a partner. FYI, if you are a newcomer to the league/PCM, your partner does not have to be a member of the church.

Depending upon the status of the current coronavirus pandemic, we may be reviving our tradition of stopping for dinner and fellowship after golf. As always, it is the decision of individual golfer whether to stop or not. We will predetermine the location(s) and rotate through area food establishments.

2020 league champions Jason Becher and Jehramie Dawson

The cost is weekly green fees, plus a one-time $10 league fee. For golfers under 55, the season total is $202 ($12 green fee x 16 weeks + $10 league fee). For Seniors (55+), the season total is $170 ($10 x 16 weeks + $10 league fee). Cart rental is extra and is handled directly with the course. Depending upon the number of teams that sign-up, we might reduce to 15 weeks which would reduce the price to $190 and $160 respectively. FYI, the City of Omaha did raise green fees for 2021.

To sign-up, complete the online form below. For more information or questions, contact Bill Norton  at (402) 658-1687  or click here to email.

In-person Worship Resumes March 14

Your leadership team has looked at the data and the most recent guidance from the CDC and has decided that we should resume having in-person worship this Sunday, March 14.

Please note:
 – There is still a mask mandate in the City of Omaha. We are observing it. If you cannot or will not wear a mask, please continue to worship via Youtube.
 – If you are not yet fully immunized – that is, every dose of a vaccine, and two weeks beyond that – you may be best off continuing to worship via Youtube.
 – Half of the rows in the Sanctuary are blocked off and you are asked to be seated in household groups separated by at least six feet from others.
 – Continue to practice good health measures: frequent hand-washing, don’t shake hands or hug, and so forth.
We will have two services: 8:00 and 10:30.
The day will come when we can relax these measures, but that day is not yet. Please stay tuned.
Pastor Bob