Experience The Arts

  • Sunday Worship Service
  • Rev. Bob Keefer, PCM Pastor
  • Sunday Morning Service
  • Sacrament of Baptism
  • Ash Wednesday Service
  • Baptizing a young child
  • Guest Pastor Matthew Johnstone leads Sunday service
  • Sunday Morning Service
  • Sunday morning service
  • Communion during Sunday services
  • Sunday morning service
  • Members assist with services

Experience The Arts is an initiative to introduce the community to a wide-range of artistic expression. From music and dance to exhibits featuring sculpture, photography, painting and other forms of expression, the goal is to introduce the public to the many God-given and inspired creative talents of area artists.

Located in the northwest Omaha, Presbyterian Church of the Master created this program to invigorate interest in the Fine Arts through local artists and their talents. Under the leadership of Director of Music, Dr. Chris Krampe, Experience The Arts strives to develop engaging opportunities to allow artists to share their many talents with their community.

Experience The Arts plans to offer a unique variety of events throughout the year to the public free-of-charge.

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