Life & Learning

The strength of our congregation is through the community we build with each other. Building this community goes way beyond our weekly gathering for Worship services. It is the myriad of activities we offer which allow us to come together to learn, work, serve, share, create, lead and laugh. Together through our shared experiences we build our faith.  We strongly encourage everyone to find a “niche” to participate in.

Here is a quick synopsis of some of the areas of activities that occur on a regular basis.


We believe you are never too young to begin your spiritual journey or too old to continue along the path. A number of education and spiritual growth opportunities are offered for adults on Sunday and other days of the week. These include Bible study, prayer groups and discussion series based on topics of special interest generally lead by the Pastor(s). During the fall and spring, we offer our Seekers series on Wednesday evenings which includes a meal and a informative program following.


We could not exist without the volunteer support of our members. From teachers to dishwashers, serving on a committee to answering the phone, the members of the church pitch-in to help complete many jobs and tasks throughout the year.  Not only is it a chance to serve the church, it is typically a chance to work with your fellow members which strengthens the bonds that bind us together.

Women’s Groups

The women of the church have a number of groups and activities that truly span the areas of learning and fellowship. From prayer groups to Book Club, they focus their activities towards subjects of primary interest to women. One of their most popular activities is their annual retreat.


Fellowship is a broad term to describe church activities designed to involve members on a more social aspect. As with many churches, lots of our fellowship involves food. From church dinners to a group of members who visit local restaurants, breaking bread together is a great way to spend time with each other. However, we offer other social activities including a summer golf league, book clubs for both men and women, community garden and other one-time special activities.

ACE Puppet Troupe

Our congregation is fortunate to have a unique group of individuals to dedicated to ministry through puppetry. Whether they are helping leading Worship at our church or performing at other locations and events in the community, the members of the troupe definitely perform a ministry while also enjoying a strong social bond with each other.