Pastor Bob’s March Message

Dear people of God:

I know that many of you enjoyed my pictures, videos, and messages in our Facebook “Family and Friends” group. Thank you for your comments and for sharing my Nicaragua experience.

It’s hard to put in a few words all the positive takeaways from the week. One thing to mention is the profound sense of blessing I took from the people of the Church praying for me the Sunday before I went. I really was nervous about this, not knowing what to expect or what would be expected of me in these seminars, not knowing if what I planned to do would be of any benefit, not knowing if my command of Spanish would be up to the task. Andy Cook’s strong prayer, the children’s strong presence, and your strong backing all helped me face the challenges.

And then I was blessed by being there. I met wonderful folks, both those who lead the mission center and the pastors and church leaders I met in Estelí, Tipitapa, La Concepción, and the country near Matagalpa and near Santa Teresa. Their stories, questions, insight, and above all interest in learning about the Bible touched me. And, of course, their friendliness: they wanted to connect with me as much as I wanted to connect with them.

It strikes me now, as I reflect on that week and as I anticipate the beautiful Lent services the Worship Design Team has in mind, that what really stays with us is the connections we make. Some of them may remember what I said about the Greek word “apaugasma,” but many more of them will remember that I listened to them, laughed with them, and ate with them.

And that, above all, is what I will likewise remember about the friends I made and the other folks I connected with in Nicaragua: we listened to each other, laughed together, and ate together. Sounds like the Church at our best, doesn’t it?

Pastor Bob



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