A Special Message from Pastor Bob

Dear people of God:

What are you doing to keep your head on straight? We’re still early in this COVID-19 situation; it’s early in week two of something that will endure for at least six weeks. So it’s time to make choices about what will help us manage.

The experts tell us that it’s important to establish a routine. One woman told me that the first day of the “work at home” regime she spent the day in her pajamas. But she realized that to think and feel right about her work, she needed to keep to her routine, so she got up at her usual time, and dressed in her usual way.

Parents are encouraged to get your children up at the same time they would ordinarily if they were going to school, and to engage them in activities during the time they would have been at school. In addition to whatever lessons are being provided by the school, there are virtual opportunities at museums and other places. And, of course, Anne Weatherwax is providing weekly “Sunday School @Home” lessons you can do with them.

Although the circumstances are strange and we’re having to do worship in a different way, I’m sticking to the plan of working through the Ten Commandments and will continue with the story of the Exodus thereafter. Yes, I’m getting some flack for that, but I trust the experts who say that a semblance of normality is helpful to people.

So I’m keeping to routine, too. One thing I decided to do and will continue to do: on Sunday morning I put on my preacher clothes and open up the front doors of the church at 8:00 and keep them open until 11:30. I call it “drop-in hours;” we can’t meet for worship, but I can see you in ones or twos. This week I had one person come in, and two people phoned. It was nice.

Remember I’m offering times for “Word and Prayer” on Wednesdays (4:00), Thursdays (7:00), and Fridays (noon), should you want to get out of the house (as long as we’re able to) and come to the church. Contact Dee Moriarty to let her know, so that we keep the numbers to no more than eight.

In the meantime, comment below your answer to this question: What routine are you keeping or establishing to help you manage this difficult time?

Pastor Bob

During the COVID-19 restrictions, I will post special messages from time to time. This one is from March 24, 2020.



  1. Well, since I’m an “old” retired person, my daily routine at home is about the same as always. Additional items: more e-mail and texting with family and friends — and oh so many more Facebook postings. Getting more difficult to read all of them! Of course, staying home from all my fun activities at church and my needlework group gatherings. Sad that our trip to New York was cancelled but a lot of you have the same “blues” about things like that. Glad I don’t have youngin’s at home; I wouldn’t be good at home schooling. tee-hee

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