Special Message from Pastor Bob

Dear people of God:

This week I finally got the Christmas lights down. Those of you who park in the South parking lot and have noticed the lights still up over the Apartment will be relieved to see that, the next time you are here.

Well, in my defense, I needed the right combination of circumstances. Good weather, for one thing. Someone around to call for help – since I needed to get on a ladder, and church policy specifies that someone has to be around when you get on a ladder – and Kathleen has been here. And, of course, a little free time. It took less time than I thought it would, but that’s often the case with this sort of project.

This is a good time for working on projects. Usually, in the winter, I have a list of “bad-weather projects.” This winter was relatively mild and I don’t think I got anything done from that list. But now I have my “COVID-19 projects;” things to do since we’re not going to the theater, not going out to dinner, not getting together (physically) with friends, and above all not going to meetings every evening. I’ve checked off a few of them; this week, “Christmas lights down.”

What are you doing with your time? Are you working through those projects that you’ve put off? One of you was telling me about a certain cleaning project that you hadn’t done not only for lack of time, but also lack of interest. You got it done, and now it’s behind you! What’s next?

I remember I used to tease my voice teacher; he and his housemate didn’t take their Christmas trees down promptly at Epiphany or even soon after. I remember saying, one year, “Bill, you can take down your Christmas tree; yesterday was Ash Wednesday.” Well, it’s about time I took down my Christmas lights. It’s almost Holy Week.

Pastor Bob

During the COVID-19 restrictions, I will post special messages from time to time. This one is from April 2, 2020.



  1. I saw an article in the paper recently that the town of Minden turned their Christmas lights back on instead of taking them down! Just a thought. I have been getting outside going for a daily walk, and have started working on my stained glass that has been gathering dust in the basement.

    I certainly miss all of you!!


  2. That makes me almost wish I had left mine up! Then again, these days no one is around here at night except Kathleen, the dogs, and me. Nice to hear about your work on the stained glass, and enjoy those walks!

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