Worship this Fall

It has been customary at Presbyterian Church of the Master to change our worship schedule the Sunday following Labor Day; ordinarily we go from one service at 9:30 to two services, 8:00 and 10:30. The latter part of this summer we have been doing two services: in-person at 9:30 in the Courtyard and webcast at 10:30 in the Sanctuary. The plans following are for some Sunday this fall: no earlier than September 13, but possibly later. PLEASE LISTEN TO SUNDAY ANNOUNCEMENTS AND WATCH OUR WEBSITE AND FAMILY & FRIENDS GROUP (FACEBOOK) FOR FURTHER INFORMATION.

Note carefully: we are continuing to worship at 9:30 in the Courtyard and 10:30 via webcast. The following applies to a not-yet-specified date this Fall.

Beginning sometime this Fall, we plan to offer worship in the Sanctuary at 8:00 and 10:30 am. We will carefully monitor how it is going, what attendance is like, and be ready to make a change as needed. The number of people allowed in the Sanctuary is limited to about seventy, so it is best that those who can come at 8:00 do so. Please note:
• If you feel sick, if you live with someone who is sick, if you have recently returned from a COVID-19 hot spot, or you have any hesitation about attendance, DO NOT COME. Plan to watch the webcast.
• Everyone must wear a mask. If you have a respiratory ailment or do not wish to wear a mask, DO NOT COME. Plan to watch the webcast.
• We will take attendance for the sake of contact tracing, in case we learn of a positive case among us.
• The order of worship will continue to include limited singing and congregational participation. Singing and unison speaking must be gentle and in a mask.
• We will not share coffee and cookies; we will not congregate at the doors.
• Seating will be restricted; you must remain at least six feet from people you do not live with. If the Sanctuary reaches capacity, then it will be necessary to be seated in the Commons.

We will not have in-person Sunday School; it is impossible to force children to stay apart from each other. The Christian Education Committee will provide study materials for Sunday School @ Home and teachers will stay in touch with the children. Adult Education will continue on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 via Google Meet.

The 10:30 service will be webcast, so you can continue to watch live from home at that hour or tune in the recording later. This is now a permanent part of our programming.

I wish I could predict how long we will live and worship under these restrictions; much depends on medical science. We will be guided by the scientific consensus and by the responsibility to love one another that our Faith demands.

It strikes me that my final comment should be a positive one: worship is the community’s conversation with God. God is here; that is the important thing. That the people praise and pray to God and that the pastor proclaim the word of God are what matters. As long as we are doing those two things, we are faithful in what we do.

Pastor Bob