The Year of the Bible

     This coming year will be an exciting time for our congregation.  We plan to make the Bible the theme for special emphasis during the entire year.  This book is basic to our faith.  This book has sustained millions and millions of people throughout their lives.  This book is special: it is God’s Word to men and women.

     Yet many people say that they do not know the Bible very well.  We hope to change that next year!  The Session has adopted a program that we are calling The Year of the Bible.  The centerpiece for the program is a challenge to everyone in the congregation to read the entire Bible in one year!  We will be providing help and guidance as the year progresses.

     This is a challenge and it will require commitment, but you will find the effort well worth your time.  You can pick up your Participant’s Guide in the church office or contact the office to have a copy sent to you.  Won’t you consider joining us on this journey in 2021?