Year of the Bible Update

I’m excited that so many are participating in our adventure of reading the Bible this year! That means we have given out all the books we had, but I have ordered more. I’ll let you know when they’re in.
You may order it yourself from Amazon, if you wish, and they have a Kindle edition that you can have immediately. The book is by James E Davison, it is called “The Year of the Bible,” and be sure you get the 2019 edition.
Until more come in, I will continue to post here the week’s readings. This week’s readings are:
January 4: Genesis 7, 8; Psalms 1, 2
January 5: Genesis 9-11: Matthew 4
January 6: Genesis 12, 13; Matthew 5
January 7: Genesis 14, 15; Psalms 3, 4
January 8: Genesis 16, 17; Matthew 6
January 9: Genesis 18, 19; Matthew 7
January 10: Genesis 20, 21; Matthew 8