Pastor Bob’s March Message

Dear people of God:

I remember my first experience of a “Lent study:” when I was in high school, we did a special Lent study on Jesus Christ, Superstar. It was interesting to study the libretto and compare it to the Scriptures, to think about the portrayal of Jesus in the rock opera and in the Bible.

Before then, I don’t remember paying much attention to Lent in Church. We joked about Catholics giving up something for Lent, which we didn’t do. Over the years, we Presbyterians have paid more attention to Lent, both as a time for study and as a time for self-discipline. Self-discipline, to my mind, is what the “giving up something” is about. But there are any number of other disciplines one could choose.

In seminary I think some of us were inclined to take Lent a little too seriously. Well, we were young and tended to go overboard on just about everything. Anyway, some of our schoolmates thought the rest of us were overdoing the whole “penitential season” thing and so they hung a large banner in the dining hall proclaiming “Bruce Springsteen Appreciation Week.” It wasn’t only a week; it was the whole season of Lent. I doubt we found it as funny then as I do now.

This season of Lent I will lead a study and I invite you to join me. It will be Seeking the Intercultural Church and I will lead it in person and via Zoom on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 Central time. I’ll post the joining information on our website and on Facebook before we begin on March 9. And do join us for observance of Ash Wednesday on March 2. Cindy Harvey and I will again provide drive-through ashes at the front door from 3 to 5 pm and we will have worship at 7:00 pm, both in-person and livestream. Of course, if you stay home and watch the livestream, you’ll need to find your own ashes. Try the fireplace!

Lent is important and an opportunity for spiritual growth through study, prayer, and fasting. And we don’t need to overdo it, as my schoolmates were quick to point out.

Pastor Bob