“A Temporary Assignment”

A friend of mine has a T-shirt that reads: “Life Is a Temporary Assignment.” Most interim pastors know that
feeling. As you and I say “hello” to each other, I am keenly aware that “interim” means “for now, temporary.”
Or, as the interim mantra goes, we are the “faster pastors” who try to do a lot in a short time.

However true that statement may be, there are spiritual paths that characterize our common journey of faith.
Meister Eckhart, the twelfth-century mystic, identified four paths we travel.

1. The Positive Way: This is the path that leads us to the awe and wonder of creation and the Incarnation of
Jesus Christ.
2. The Negative Way: This journey teaches us how to let go of possessions, loved ones, health, and finally,
life itself. The Cross is the sign of this spiritual path.
3. The Creative Way: Here, we discover that God has given us gifts to discover, develop, and use. The
Resurrection marks this spiritual journey.
4. The Transforming Way: Being guided by the Holy Spirit to do the Will of God is the chief characteristic of
this path.

For most people, the Negative Way is the most demanding. And yet, it is also the key to entering fully into
the other three major spiritual paths.

Interim ministry means journeying with you through all four of these spiritual paths. That is both an exciting
and challenging opportunity for everyone. Together we will discover who and what God is calling us to
become as we serve our Lord Jesus Christ here and now.

I look forward to serving with you at Presbyterian Church of the Master. Know that I will pray for you and
value your prayers as well. May the One who calls us to life and life anew be at our side.

Grace and peace,