Throwback Thursday 2/13/2020

Here’s a few new pictures in the Throwback Thursday series.

Just because it’s so cold today, here’s a few pictures from the same week last year. Just as cold…more snow.

Throwback Thursday 2/6/2020

More pictures for the Throwback Thursday series.

Are you listening? You know, they’re not just talking to fill time in church!

This week’s throwback images are just a few of the many passionate individuals who spoke as a Mission Witness during the past year.

Throwback Thursday 1/30/2020

The latest in the Throwback Thursday series.

Similar to the fog this morning, last year on this weekend church-goers were greeted with foggy conditions as they headed to church. Visibility so low you could barely see the end of the parking lot.

Throwback Thursday 1/23/2020

The latest in the Throwback Thursday series.

To echo a line from the Stewardship Committee, “Because you financially support your church, we have amazing music from this guy…Dr. Chris Krampe.”

Chris gives us amazing piano and organ solos during the Offertory and other moments in the Worship service. If you haven’t been in church, you have missed some truly beautiful music. Plus, he’s a very talented choir director.

Photos are from around this time last year.

Throwback Thursday 1/16/20

The latest in the Throwback Thursday series.

Fried chicken…why is it always fried chicken? Is it a Presbyterian thing? It’s been suggested that fried chicken was always Dorothy’s “goto” when planning a church dinner or funeral lunch. Mom did like her Albertsons/Bag N’ Save/Family Fare fried chicken.

The church annual meeting is next week, here’s a photo from the food line at last year’s meeting.

Throwback Thursday 1/9/2020

The latest in the Throwback Thursday series. This Sunday at Worship service new Elders and Deacons will be ordained and installed. Here’s a look back at the same service last year.

Throwback Thursday 1/2/2020

The latest in the Throwback Thursday photo series.

Last year with Pastor Bob on vacation, Epiphany Sunday services were led by the Reverend “Gospel” Johnstone.

Throwback Thursday 12/26/19

The latest in the Throwback Thursday photo series.

Last year in the days after Christmas, this mighty group of volunteers (plus yours truly behind the camera) cleaned the Choir room which had become the dumping spot for miscellaneous stuff during the 2-years of building renovation/construction.

Throwback Thursday 12/19/19

The latest in the Throwback Thursday photo series.

Last year around this time a luncheon was held to say goodbye and celebrate the ministry of Rev. Sara Tonje as her tenure at PCM concluded.

Here’s a couple of images from the luncheon.


Throwback Thursday & Photo Project

For the past Liturgical year, I undertook a year-long personal photography challenge to capture and document the life of our church. Beginning the first Sunday of Advent 2018 and finishing at the end of November 2019, I captured slightly more than 7,500 images. While I didn’t get to every activity, I feel I got the majority and was able to capture the faces and spirit of our congregation.

Working with the PCM Aesthetics Committee, I have a goal to create a collection of photos for display that chronicles the year. The plan is to have this photo collection ready for viewing at the start of Lent beginning on Ash Wednesday.

Although some of the photos you have already seen since they have been used on the PCM website, Capital campaign literature, brochures and on Facebook , my favorites have been held back in anticipation of the display.

To begin giving a sneak peek at some images I captured along the way, I’m borrowing the popular Instagram trend of “Throwback Thursday.” Each Thursday from now till February, I’ll be posting a photo from last year as a preview to the display. Here goes…

Throwback Thursday #tbt

Who remembers the adorable Startzell sisters dressed alike for Christmas?