PCM Summer Golf League

Sign-up for the PCM Summer Golf League. It’s fifteen weeks of fun and fellowship, plus a chance to get a little exercise. We start Wednesday, May 10, 2023, and will finish no later than August 30th. That schedule accommodates fifteen weeks of golf with two built-in weeks for potential rain/heat cancellations. We play at nearby Warren Swigart Golf Course which is a par-3 course.

The league is comprised of two/three person teams (i.e. you and partners). Each week two members of your team will play against another team. Since we utilize a handicap system, everyone regardless of skill competes on an even level. While scores are kept and a league winner is determined, the league is not overly competitive and the focus is on fellowship.

New golfers are welcome to the league. FYI, if you are a newcomer to the league/PCM, your partner does not have to be a member of the church.

While the league organizers can provide guidance on finding playing partners, ultimately golfers are expected to find their own team members.

The City of Omaha has raised greens fees for 2023. For golfers under 55, the season total is $220 ($14 green fee x 15 weeks + $10 league fee). For Seniors (55+) and Youth (17 & under), the season total is $190 ($12 x 15 weeks + $10 league fee). Cart rental is extra and is handled directly with the course.

For more information or questions, contact Bill Norton  at (402) 658-1687  or click here to email.

To sign-up, complete the online form below.